Wound Clinic

The wound care clinic was established in 2011 for patients who have concerns about their post operative surgical wounds, following surgery at RJAH. This is proving very successful and is a service which is very much appreciated by patients. The clinic runs for two hours, three times a week.

The aims of the wound clinic are to provide an assessable, qualitative, cost-effective and efficient service to clinicians and patients which prevents readmissions to hospital. When patients leave hospital, they are given a number that they can ring and, if necessary, an appointment is then arranged for them to attend the clinic. GP surgeries can also refer patients for an appointment at the new clinic. However, routine wound checks and removal of clips or sutures are carried out with a local District or Practice Nurse.

The surveillance nurse has developed the clinic for patients who have any concerns or worries about their wound at the site of their operation. Another benefit of the wound clinic is that patients can be discharged with mild oozy wounds, where previously they would have had to remain in hospital. This not only enhances the patient’s journey, it increases the productivity of the hospital. 

Wound Clinic Details

Day/Time: Monday, Wednesday and Friday 12.00 - 2.00

Location:  Admission On Day of Surgery (ADOS) Unit

Telephone 01691 404864 to make an appointment.