Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Medicine is an imaging technique, which uses small amounts of radioactive material to diagnose disease. Agents for each area of investigation, are given by intravenous injection, thereby being taken up by the body area of concern. These are prepared daily (Monday to Friday) in the Radiopharmacy of the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital, prior to dispensing in the Nuclear Medicine section of the Radiology Department at RJAH.  Physiological distribution of these agents is detected by a Gamma Camera, which produces scans or images via computer processing. The scans are then interpreted and reported on by a Radiologist.

Dispensing, scanning and processing are performed by Nuclear Medicine Radiographers.

Regular scans are undertaken on bone, kidney, lung and parathyroid. Other areas investigated are thyroid and some other endocrine organ pathologies.


Under the Trust’s IRMER (1) Procedures, scans may be requested by Hospital Clinicians, Consultants and GPs. Pink  A5 request cards are available from wards and Nuclear Medicine.

Important pre-referral information

Most required information is indicated on the request cards. Particular importance is placed on childbearing females and in some types of scan, any patient medication which may affect the scan outcome.