Research is how we develop new treatments and knowledge for better health and care. It provides the evidence we need to prove that new approaches are safe and effective, whether it is for a new medicine, a surgical technique, education program or to understand an illness or condition better.

Research is supported by the Trust and all staff are encouraged to be actively involved in research. As a Trust we are involved in over 60 research studies across many of the directorates. We aim to ensure that all of our patients are made aware of research opportunities relevant to them. All research undertaken within the trust must be registered with the Trust Research department.

The RJAH research department is based in the Arthritis Research Centre (ARC building).


Developments within the research department are divided into individual sections. Below are some of the trials currently in progress. If you would like to find out more about any of these studies please contact a member of the department.

Current Research Projects

ACTIVE: Autologous Chondrocytes Transplantation/Implantation Versus Existing treatments.

This study is now in the follow-up stage with all patients having completed 12 months follow-up with some at the seven year follow-up stage. The first analysis of the study will commence once all patients have completed the three year follow-up stage, which is due in Spring 2014.  The OsCell laboratory, which produces the cultured cells, continues to provide cells for patients in the treatment of cartilage defects for joints where patients are part of a research trial.



Study Area:       Osteoarthritis of the knee
Study Title:       Autologous Stem Cells, Chondrocytes Or the Two? (ASCOT)
Location:           Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Oswestry, Shropshire.
Scientific Title: Autologous cell therapy for osteoarthritis: An evaluation of the safety and efficacy of autologous transplantation of articular chondrocytes and/or bone marrow-derived stromal cells to repair chondral/osteochondral lesions of the knee.
Visit the ASCOT Trial page for more information.

ZIPP: Zoledronate In Patients with Paget’s disease.

The study is ongoing. Recruitment has been difficult has thus been extended to end 2014.


SOS: Shoulder Orthosis Study

All patients have now completed the study and analysis of the data has been performed. A publication is in the process of being written. Once completed and accepted by a journal, a link will be available for all to see.


Ponseti Study

The study was closed early due to interim analysis showing no benefit to the below knee cast. A publication is in the process of being written. 


Dupuytrens Study

Molecular genetics of Dupuytrens disease. Study continues.


DRIFT: Distal Radius Internal Fixation Trial

DRIFT is a research project designed to benefit both individual patients and the NHS as a whole. It is a project to identify the most beneficial and cost effective way of treating “Low Impact Wrist Fractures” that requires surgery. For more information please see the attached article located under the related documents field.


Genetics in Myositis

Genetics in Myositis is one of the oldest studies still being run and was started in 2003 originally under the co-ordination of Dr Butler. This study focuses on the genetics of all patients who suffer from Inclusion body Myositis, Dermatomyositis or Polymyositis and concentrates on the identification of disease susceptibility genes associated with development and clinical characteristics of primary inflammatory muscle diseases.



Randomised controlled trial of auto-titrating continuous positive airway pressure treatment for obstructive sleep apnoea.

Research Team

Back row L to R: Susie Morris, Barbara Linklater-Jones, Sam Griffith-Norris, Catherine Whittall, 
Front row L to R: Jo Wales, Teresa Jones, Kirsty Davies


The team can be contacted via:

Teresa Jones
Research Manager
01691 404143

Dr Catherine Whittall
Post–doctoral Research Associate
01691 404139

Dr Kirsty Davies
DRIFT Trial Coordinator
01691 404139

Dr Johanna Wales
Clinical Trials Manager
01691 404142

Samantha Griffith Norris
Clinical Trial Assistant
01691 404142

Lisa Burgess
Research Admin
01691 404139

Jayne Edwards
Research Nurse
01691 404142

Barbara Linklater-Jones
Research Nurse
01691 404142

Susan Morris
Research Nurse
01691 404142

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