Critical Care Unit

Welcome to the Critical Care Unit web page.

The Critical Care Unit is a purpose built facility comprising of five beds and an isolation room.  The unit is situated close to the theatre complex and recovery unit.


Who is cared for on the Critical Care Unit?

The Critical Care Unit takes all patients either surgical or medical, and your length of stay will vary depending on either your surgery or your medical condition.

Patients are admitted under the care of the Consultant Anaesthetist and Consultant Surgeon.  This will be discussed with you first, either at your pre-operative clinic appointment or prior to surgery on the ward.


About your stay on the Critical Care Unit

During your stay in the unit you will be cared for by one of the critical care nurses who will be either at your bedside or close by. It is possible that you will be seen by a variety of health care professionals during your stay, this is quite normal and doesn’t mean that anything is wrong.  We aim to provide the highest standard of care during your stay.

The unit can appear noisy at times due to the use of monitors and additional medical equipment this is quite normal for this environment. We endeavour to keep these background noises to a minimum to allow you to rest. 

If you feel anxious or worried about anything during your stay please do let the nurse know.


Visitor Information

There are no visiting restrictions in the unit however, we do request that only two relatives visit the bedside at any one time.

Please do not bring fruit or flowers at this stage.

Please phone the unit on (01691) 404275 (direct line) before visiting as you may be asked to wait in our visitors area if the unit is accepting a patient back from theatre. 

Please feel free to ring the unit at any time day or night.