Staff publications

On this page you will find information on staff publications. The page is split into the following sections:


FCL staff publications

The library collates a list of RJAH staff publications (journal articles, books and book chapters) as a central source of information for the Trust. The list is also included in the Institute of Orthopaedics Annual Report, to promote research.

Staff publications are defined as:

  • author being employed by RJAH at the time of publication
  • author who is affiliated to RJAH, where RJAH is mentioned as an institution

From 2014 the library no longer compiles a list of abstracts, presentations and conference proceedings. Instead, this has become the responsibility of authors who should upload their relevant publication details to a spreadsheet on the Trust network (RJAH staff only) at:

U:\Group\Abstracts, Presentations & Proceedings\Staff Publications – Abstracts Presentations and Conference Proceedings.xlsx

Click here to see the current year's list of staff publications


Staff publications database

Staff publications 2015-2017 can now be searched online on our SheLib book catalogue. Click here to retrieve the full 2015-2017 list of staff publications. These records all have links to abstracts.

  • To search for staff publications, go to: Select Keyword search on the left-hand side of the screen and type ‘staff publications’ in the search box.
  • To search for staff publications in a specific year, type ‘staff publications 2017’. This should retrieve all staff publications for 2017.
  • You can also search on the title of an article or on the name of an author by selecting Title/Author search on the left-hand side of the screen and typing the title of the article or the author’s surname into the relevant search boxes.


Staff publications archive

An archive of staff publication lists, dating back to 1994, is available. If you have access to the Trust Intranet, these may be downloaded from the library intranet page as PDF documents. Click here to access the staff publications page on the library intranet.


How is the data collected?

Published journal articles

  • Authors alert library staff
  • Searching PubMed via the Institution field e.g. Oswestry
  • Electronic articles are included once they are indexed through PubMed

Books and book chapters

  • Authors alert library staff

To reduce omissions from the list an email request reminder is sent out prior to compilation of quarterly reports, for authors to submit publication details to the library. If you would like your publication to be included please contact the library

Published abstracts, presentations and conference proceedings

  • Authors are responsible for uploading and saving publication details to a centrally held spreadsheet, held on the Trust network at: 

    U:\Group\Abstracts, Presentations & Proceedings\Staff Publications – Abstracts Presentations and Conference Proceedings.xlsx    (RJAH staff only)

  • Abstracts will normally be published within journal issues (usually supplements) taken as part of the library holdings


How is the data presented?

The published journal articles, books and book chapters list is updated quarterly (March, June, September, and December). The lists are formatted:

  • in alphabetical order by first author
  • in the Vancouver referencing style
  • in calendar year (January to December)
  • with the latest articles added to the list highlighted in blue


How are the lists circulated?

The archived list of journal articles, books and book chapters is uploaded to the library intranet site as a PDF file that can be downloaded

  • The updated list of journal articles, books and book chapters is circulated by email to the research staff and other key members
  • This completed annual list is also included in the Institute of Orthopaedics Annual Report
  • Published abstracts, presentations and conference proceedings are not circulated, but are available to view at any time at on the Trust network at:

    U:\Group\Abstracts, Presentations & Proceedings\Staff Publications – Abstracts Presentations and Conference Proceedings.xlsx   (RJAH staff only)

Information for authors

Mulford Library (Ohio) : instructions to authors in the health sciences website at
Provides links to instructions for authors in various journals in the health and life sciences.  This enables authors to obtain the correct information for submitting their research.

All links are to primary sources (publishers and organisations with editorial responsibilities for the titles).

FCL E-learning module : Publishing, Copyright and Citations

This module covers the following:

  • Submit a paper for publication
  • Good authoring practices
  • Structuring a paper
  • Abstract writing
  • Copyright and Referencing
  • Understand legal, moral and licensing framework of scientific publishing
  • Harvard and Vancouver referencing
  • Creative Commons
  • Open Access publishing
  • Understand and use bibliographic software for managing references

For information about accessing this e-learning module, please see our information skills training page


Useful links
Staffordshire University staff publications can be searched at STORE (Staffordshire Online Repository). STORE (ePrints) is a digital archive of research and scholarly output produced by Staffordshire University staff at

Keele University staff publications include research published by staff members at Keele University, University Hospital of North Staffs, North Staffs Combined Healthcare NHS Trust, NHS North Staffordshire PCT and NHS Stoke on Trent PCT. The list is at