12 September 2016 CEO Blog post

The Big Conversation – Wednesday 14th September

This has been a good week and it is only Tuesday!

Why? Well because I have been able to spend some time briefing our managers, our clinical leaders and our staff on the new 'Rebuilding Relationships Programme.'  This programme has three parts; i) having conversations, ii) developing leaders and iii) improving our processes.

As part of this work, tomorrow (Wednesday 14th September) sees us launching the first part of this work - ‘The Big Conversation’.

The Big Conversation is a very simple idea. Members of the Executive Team, alongside our Non-Executive Directors and some members of our staff Barometer Group, will spend the morning going out and talking to staff in the 94 departments across the Trust.

Those conversations will be tailored around how we can improve the way we:

• Care for patients,

• Care for staff, 

• Care for finances, and asking,

• What can we do to help you improve the way you do your job?

At lunchtime, we will collate what we have learned and formulate a plan for positive actions we can take to address the issues that are raised. Some of those will be for us; some of those will be for you in your teams.

Importantly, we will then spending the afternoon going back out around the hospital to feedback and discuss the next steps.

The Big Conversation promises to be an exciting and stimulating exercise which gets everyone across the hospital thinking about the kind of organisation we want to be.

We are going to try and speak to as many people as we can. However, we will invariably miss someone. If you have an idea, or a comment please send it to relationships@rjah.nhs.uk and we can include it in the work.

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow. 


Mark Brandreth
Chief Executive

CEO Mark Brandreth

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