13 April 2017 CEO Blog post

Necessary, but not sufficient

The last week has been lovely. I can give you some reasons why.

  1. We achieved a brilliant year end (end of March) position of 91.3% RTT. This means our patients are waiting less time for their care.
  2. We have no English patients waiting over 52 weeks.
  3. We achieved our financial targets, again a major achievement in the current financial climate.

And whilst these are important some will ask 'so what?'

I would say these are all necessary, but not sufficient.

So, what tops all of this is our world class inpatient survey results. They are the best I have ever seen in my 25 year NHS career. You should be really proud of what our patients think and have said about your care.

This all means we are now in discussions with NHS Improvement about coming out of our breach of licence. This will take some time and will involve some considerable work, but the process is underway.

So the next period is all about focussing on quality and safety. I want us to be ambitious. We want to be compared with the best of the world. You have made that possible. We have some work to do to realise this ambition but let's see how far we can go. Bev, Steve and the rest of the Executive Team are focussed on really making us the safest specialist hospital in the NHS.

So the cakes we shared this week were a small token from the Executive Team, our way of saying thank you. Thank you for what you have achieved and thank you for what you do every day.

To those of you caring for our patients this Easter weekend, I thank you. To those of you who will get a well earned break, enjoy it.

After one year in post here, I couldn't be prouder of this very special hospital and the very special people who work in it.


Mark Brandreth
Chief Executive


Image of Mark Brandreth, Chief Executive

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