23 December 2016 CEO Blog post

Simply thank you

23rd December – 1130am.

I am sat in my office. Some awful Christmas music is playing quietly outside.

I am hearing people in the corridor chat excitedly about Christmas. About the fun night out shared with colleagues, about the departmental Christmas decoration competition, about the  brilliant Christmas lunches, about the MCSI patient party (and the staff one!) and the lounge on Sheldon ward that has been beautifully decorated. About the Finance director dressed as father Christmas, about the executive chocolate deliveries, about the bacon butties consumed today…….

I could go on.

Yet in the middle of all that I also chatted for an hour with one of our consultant anaesthetists about how we can be even safer. We chatted about the patients we are operating on between Christmas and New Year.

It made me think about our amazing staff who have given up their holidays and time with their families to care when everyone else is eating Turkey and watching Morecambe and Wise. It made me think of our special patients who can’t go home this Christmas.

It made me feel proud. Somehow getting next year’s financial plan sent to London today seemed less important. So I stopped. I wrote this.

Simply to say to our amazing staff……THANK YOU. Thank you to what you do every day, and especially at this time of year.

Our patients appreciate it and so do we.

I hope all my staff get a rest over the period. Whenever it comes.

Happy Christmas and thank you. You are just awesome.


Mark Brandreth
Chief Executive


Image of Mark Brandreth, Chief Executive

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