3 November 2017 CEO Blog post

I can't wait...

I got asked this week about our expected inspection by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). One member of staff asked me “Are you frightened of the CQC coming?”

What an interesting idea. I am frightened of heights and one of my kids is frightened of spiders. A quick ‘Google’ suggested being frightened is being ‘afraid or anxious’. Anxious to me is being worried about an outcome that is uncertain.  

I suppose in one way I could be uncertain as to what the CQC will find and how they will rate us?

But, this week the senior team have been ‘Back to the Floor’. I spent time with Pete emptying the bins; I spent time with Andy delivering patients’ belongings to wards. I served lunch in Denbigh’s and I shadowed Pier Moreau, one of our Upper Limb Surgeons in Outpatients.

Then there was Neil and Mark. Two young Porters taking patients along the corridor to X-Ray. Now where I worked before the Porters were cheery taxi drivers. They smiled and joked with patients as they transported them from a to b. I saw something different. Mark and Neil had taken the time to know the names of their patients, they knew what operation they had received and they knew what it would be like for them going to X-Ray.

I heard “Hello my name is”, they made sure they introduced me, they took care with the bed and the patients’ belongings and they checked the patient was happy and comfortable. I have to say it was for them normal and for me incredibly impressive care.

So, why would I be anxious at the CQC coming? I can tell them, Pete cares for our recycling, Andy cares for our patients belongings, our Denbigh’s team care for and nourish our staff, Piers cares for people who are in pain, and Mark and Neil… they just care.

Whenever the CQC come, and we won’t know when until they turn up, they are welcome. We are not frightened, we are excited. They will see some amazing people caring for patients, staff and finances. They will help us to continue to improve and learn.

I can’t wait.  


Mark Brandreth
Chief Executive


Image of Mark Brandreth, Chief Executive

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