4 June 2019 CEO Blog Post

How we do business

So much of what we call management consists in making it difficult for people to work.”  - Peter Drucker

I wanted to write a short blog to comment on the management of change consultation that we are running at the moment.

As you are aware, we are proposing a number of changes that we believe will support us to deliver on our vision of aspiring to deliver world class patient care.

I have had many chats prior to, and especially since the launch. It has been pleasing to see how the logic stands up and how people are translating it as they think about it.

I am not saying everything at present here is bad – indeed far from it. However, if we really mean we want to be world class, we have to continue to improve while we are doing well. For me, this means a change in how we do business and, most significantly, it means our senior clinicians being accountable and responsible for the hospital and its strategy in a way they aren’t at present.

Change is seldom easy, and I know a small number of people are facing a significant change to their job. That is why I am committed to doing this with pace (but not rushed) whilst listening to ideas and thoughts.

So far I have heard many positive comments. Thank you to those who have taken the time to email me or chat to me. People seem to get the idea and broadly understand we need to do it.

I have also heard some thoughts that I will consider as part of the next stage. As examples, these include:

  1. Should the clinical services unit have a head or nursing or should this be an Allied Health Professional/Pharmacist/Scientist?
  2. Should Histopathology sit with Tumour in the Specialist Unit?
  3. Where should Radiology best sit?

Most significantly, I have been asked about the substructure. As the consultation document says, this is a different way of operating. I can’t ask for clinical leadership and responsibility and then impose a structure on the team of a new unit. The structure will be designed by the Chairs and their senior team based on a set of principles. We will involve people in that thinking and it will be subject to further consultation.

Thank you again for your suggestion so far. The consultation closes next week on Tuesday  11th June.

Kind regards,


Mark Brandreth
Chief Executive


Image of Mark Brandreth, Chief Executive

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