7 June 2016 CEO Blog post

The little things

As well as starting a new job, I am moving house. So......an interesting time in my life.

We debated having some work done on the house but with it was never going to achieve what we wanted (for the price we wanted to pay!) and so we decided it was time to move.

When you look at it objectively it's a simple and straightforward process. My solicitors use a web based portal and I can see the 12 steps to sell and 14 steps to buy. Target dates and clear progress. It appeals to the manager and control freak in me.

What it doesn't tell you about is trust and communication. Tracey (my partner) and I have spent hours communicating with solicitors, buyers, sellers, estates agents, mortgage brokers etc. We have had to coordinate the process for ourselves despite being promised that everyone else would do it for us....indeed despite appearing to pay people to do it for us. We had to trust people to communicate for us. They didn't.

On the train to London today I was listening to another traveller talk about what it's like to be a patient or a carer for a patient in another north west hospital. Promises of coordinated care on admission but the reality very different. Doctors not talking to therapists, pharmacists not talking to nurses, waiting list staff and medical secretaries not ringing people back.

I sat listening thinking it wouldn't happen at RJAH. Would it?

Clearing my inbox I read a reply to a complaint from a patient. It's often the simple things, the human things, like a returned phone call or being helped with the right phone number to speak to someone that makes the difference. Most of the time we provide outstanding patient care but......not every time. That is our journey. Making every patient (and their carer) feeling important and special.

We are beginning a journey to become as good as we can at the little things. That's the kind of organisation I want to work in. Do you?

Now, back to packing boxes.........


Mark Brandreth
Chief Executive

Image of Mark Brandreth, Chief Executive

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