7 November 2018 CEO Blog post

Not just for inspectors

I am a fan of Demming. If you haven’t heard of him give him a google. He was a major thinker on quality. Many of you will have used his methods, just as we do here at RJAH. (PDSA – plan do study act).

One of his famous quotes is “Cease dependence on inspection to achieve quality. Eliminate the need for inspection on a mass basis by building quality into the product in the first place.” 

It’s been an interesting week. We have been planning in detail the ‘Back To The Floor’ day on Thursday this week. This is enjoyed as much by our staff as Board members and senior managers. A chance to ‘go see’. A real opportunity to spend some quality time understanding our services and the support to them a different perspective. Quality in action.

Yesterday was MDCAM (Multi-disciplinary clinical audit meeting). That’s a twice yearly half-day where the hospital comes together to learn together. I was privileged to listen to our people talking through the learning from the death of a patient. Professionals at the top of their game, challenging thinking, supporting each other and learning together. Quality in action.

All this week the Executive office has been handed over to an event called ‘Breaking the Cycle’. Using improvement methodology our Booking team have been working to improve our very complex processes. Making them safer, more reliable and better for patients. Much cake and pizza has been consumed and we seemed to have used the NHS’s whole supply of post it notes.  The energy and commitment has been fantastic. Quality in action.

So what else are we doing? Oh yes we have the Care Quality Commission (CQC) coming in between the 14th and 21st of November to do a full inspection.  Have we down tools while we prepared? Are we using the inspection process to achieve quality?

Absolutely not.

We welcome the inspectors. We are genuinely excited about having them here because…..it is a real opportunity for our staff to show off the fantastic care we provide, day in day out. It’s an opportunity to show how improvement is embedded into our core. It is a chance to reflect on how much we have improved since they were last here in 2015.

I am not complacent. I know we have more to do but this a hospital on the move. We aspire to be world class and why shouldn’t we be?

The CQC will take us as they find us, and I for one couldn’t be prouder of our staff and what they do, day in day out. Not just for inspectors.


Mark Brandreth
Chief Executive


Image of Mark Brandreth, Chief Executive

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