RJAH staff - make your pledge

By choosing to wear a Rainbow Badge, you are sending a message that "you can talk to me" about issues relating to gender and sexuality. You won't be expected to solve all the issues and concerns, but you will be able to listen and signpost to support available.

By completing this form I confirm that:

  • wearing a badge gives a positive message of inclusion and means I have a responsibility to be someone who is a friendly ear for LGBTQ+ patients and families 
  • I have read the information on the NHS Rainbow Badge page and the signposting and support page
  • I understand what to do if I think a situation requires escalation
  • I am a staff member or volunteer at RJAH
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Please tick this box to say you’ve read and understood the responsibilities involved with the Rainbow Badge. 

We would like to collect some information about what motivates people to pledge to wear a Rainbow Badge. We may use this quote to promote the badge to others (you can chose below if decide you would prefer to be anonymised). Please tell us in a few words, "I would like to wear a rainbow badge because..." 

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Please note: if you would like to collect your badge from the Communications Office, you can so as soon as the pledge form has been completed.

Got a question? Email the project team at rjah.rainbow.badge@nhs.net