Back to the Floor at RJAH

Release Date: 23/03/2018

Back to the Floor at RJAH

Senior managers at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital (RJAH) went ‘Back to the Floor’ to check in with frontline staff, as well as get down to work with the teams.

Chairman Frank Collins spent the morning working as a nurse on the Baschurch Unit, before shadowing a Radiographer in the afternoon.

While Bev Tabernacle, Director of Nursing and Deputy Chief Executive, spent her day helping out in the hospital’s library, before working in the kitchen to help plate up meals for patients and serving lunch to staff and visitors in the hospital’s restaurant Denbigh’s. During the afternoon she shadowed a clinician in the Orthotic Research & Locomotor Assessment Unit (ORLAU).

Other leaders also tried their hands working with teams in Theatres, Therapies, Outpatients, the High Dependency Unit (HDU), Pharmacy, as well as offering support to Portering staff, and a number of other roles across the hospital.

Trust Secretary Shelley Ramtuhul also put in a shift as a Housekeeper.

The ‘Back to the Floor’ event enabled the Trust’s senior managers to spend time working in a variety of areas, shadowing staff and learning about their work, and how their contribution and area enables the hospital to function on a daily basis.

This ‘Back to the Floor’ day was the second event of its kind that the Trust has held.

The first event last November proved a hit with staff and senior leaders alike, with many impressed by Chief Executive Mark Brandreth’s shift in Denbigh’s, where he served hot meals to dozens of people, including staff members and visitors to the hospital, as well as helping out the Portering team by sorting out the recycling.

This time Mark shadowed a Consultant Anaesthetist in Theatres, before spending the afternoon with the Therapy Team on the Children’s Unit.

Frank said: “I was delighted to be part of ‘Back to the Floor’ day this time. It was brilliant to spend some time with the team on the Baschurch Unit, as well as in Radiology.

“It’s also been good because seeing what staff do first hand helps everyone appreciate what everyone else does.”

Mark added: “The second ‘Back to the Floor’ day was another great success, the time I spent in Theatres and with the Therapy Team on the Children’s Unit was extremely insightful.

“Thank you to all the teams who accommodated us and took the time out of their busy days to show us the ropes and discuss with us their work and how things are in their area.”

In the coming days the managers of the areas that were visited as part of the exercise will receive a one-page letter from senior leaders, feeding back on the highlights of the visit, such as areas of best practice identified or observations of staff going the extra mile, as well as any feedback stating what could be done better.

Overall both frontline staff and leaders said they found the day enjoyable but also beneficial.

Rachel Owen, Staff Nurse on the Baschurch Unit – who spent her morning with Frank – said: “It was nice to meet Frank and put a face to a name.

“During his morning with us, we showed him how to admit patients, before showing them how to look after patients once they’ve had surgery – we’ve even had him making cups of tea for them. It was good to have him with us on Baschurch.”

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