Pyjama fairies spread a little magic at RJAH

Release Date: 18/11/2019

Pyjama fairies spread a little magic at RJAH

Children who are having surgery at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital have received a special delivery from the Pyjama Fairies, who have donated handmade surgical gowns to staff at the hospital.

Pyjama Fairies is a UK charity who sew pyjamas and surgical gowns specially designed for babies and children up to 16 years old who are having surgery in hospital.

The surgical gowns come in a wide range of different sizes, fabrics, colours and patterns and are specially designed to minimise discomfort for children when medical intervention is necessary, meaning they can remain fully dressed.

Jill Twigge, otherwise known as Fairy Doris, visited Alice Ward, the dedicated children’s ward at the Oswestry-based hospital, to donate the gowns.

Rachel Harris, Paediatric Recovery Nurse, was the driving force behind the donation.

She said: “Having an operation can be a really scary and anxious time for a child so allowing them to pick their own gown with a pattern or colour they like will make such a difference.

“The bright colours and patterns really make them seem less ‘hospitalised’ and more like something they would wear when they’re at home.

“Any stay in hospital can be stressful for families and the Pyjama Fairies work so hard to make the experience feel less alien for the children.”

The charity was founded in 2015 and is run by volunteers across the UK who sew each garment by hand and so far, over 4,000 gowns and sets of pyjamas have been donated to hospitals across the UK.

Suzanne Marsden, Alice Ward and Children’s Outpatients Manager, said: “Both the children and their parents are really enjoying picking their gown when they’re admitted and it’s making a real difference to their experience whilst in hospital.

“As they’re made out of 100% cotton and have no metal, they are safe to wear during scans and x-rays, and they are designed with ties and poppers on the shoulders so the child can be changed or undressed with minimal disturbance.

“Thank you to Rachel for getting this up and running, and also to the Pyjama Fairies for their very generous donation.”

Photo caption: Rachel Harris, Paediatric Recovery Nurse; Jill Twigge from Pyjama Fairies; Ann Bishop, Spinal Specialist Nurse; and Dan Rowlands, Paediatric Charge Nurse; with some of the donations from the Pyjama Fairies. 

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