RJAH Physio is first Brit to cross Great Wall finish line

Release Date: 21/06/2019

RJAH Physio is first Brit to cross Great Wall finish line

A competitive Physiotherapist at Shropshire’s specialist orthopaedic hospital recently took part in one of the world’s most challenging marathons.

The Great Wall Marathon is widely considered one of the most demanding marathons to take part in due to the vast amount of steps and high elevation levels and Rob Fox, Inpatient Specialist Physiotherapist at The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital, took this mammoth task on.

Not only did Rob run the full 26.2 mile world-renowned marathon, he also was the first British runner at the event to cross the finish line.

Rob, who has now competed in this marathon twice, said: “Having the opportunity to take part in the Great Wall Marathon for a second time was amazing – I had such a fantastic experience.

“I also got to take part in the challenge with my wife, who ran the Great Wall Half Marathon, which just made the overall experience so much better.

“The marathon is extremely unique due to the number of steps you face during the race; in total I climbed 5,164 steps which is just a phenomenal amount.”

Participants start and finish at Yin and Yang Square and run along the Great Wall but also through small, traditional Chinese villages.

Rob added: “On the day of the marathon, Yin and Yang Square has such an amazing atmosphere with spectators really encouraging you and pushing you on.

“Whilst running across the Great Wall of China, you get to see some really remarkable views due to being so high up – twice during the marathon; you’re 493 meters from the ground.

“It was also fantastic to run through the villages. The local people were outside watching and some runners even stopped to have a chat to them, which was really nice to see.”

Out of approximately 2,500 runners, Rob placed 7th overall with a time of 03:55:26.

He said: “I first took part in this race in 2007 where I placed 28th overall with a time of 4:38:00 and my goal for this race was to beat my previous time.

“I’m extremely chuffed I managed to do this and all the training really paid off.

“I’m hoping my next marathon challenge will be the Mount Everest Marathon next year – I’ve also completed this once before but would like to take part again to raise money for charity.”

Pictured is Rob Fox running the Great Wall Marathon.

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