RJAH signs up to be a free water ‘refill station’ in a bid to help cut waste

Release Date: 15/02/2018

RJAH signs up to be a free water ‘refill station’ in a bid to help cut waste

The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital (RJAH) is doing its bit to help cut disposable plastic bottle use as the Trust has signed up as a free refill station.

The Refill campaign will highlight shops, cafes and businesses offering free water refill points in every large city and large town in England by 2021.

RJAH’s refill point is located at the free water dispenser in Denbigh’s Restaurant.

Being part of the scheme will see the Trust added to the ‘Refill Map’, as well as the campaign’s app, which identifies companies who offer the service. The Refill campaign logo and details about the scheme have also been placed above the water dispenser to encourage its use.

Industry body Water UK says the scheme could cut disposable plastic bottle use by tens of millions a year, as well as substantially increase the availability of high quality drinking water.

The move comes amid growing concern about the effect of plastic waste on the environment.

Refill stations and public fountains will be able to be found via an app or window signs pointing people in the direction of the nearest one.

It was Sian Langford, Deputy Facilities Manager, who floated the idea of signing the Trust up to the scheme.

She said: “I figured as we are already doing our bit by offering free refills with our water dispenser in Denbigh’s, why not actually raise awareness and publically show our support to this important campaign.

“It’s a win-win situation really, not only will this help reduce the number of plastic bottles being littered or thrown away, it’s free-of-charge and is helping our staff and visitors to the hospital.”

Phil Page-Davies, Head of Estates and Facilities, said: “At RJAH we’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment and playing our part to tackle the issue of plastic waste.

“We already recycle or reuse all of our general waste and are always keen to lend our support to sustainable initiatives, such as this important scheme.”

For more information about the Refill campaign, visit: https://www.refill.org.uk/

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