Unsung Hero Award to be presented in memory of hospital stalwart

Release Date: 17/11/2017

Unsung Hero Award to be presented in memory of hospital stalwart

The winner of The Robert Jones and Agnes Hunt Orthopaedic Hospital’s Unsung Hero Award at its annual Celebration of Achievement awards ceremony will receive the prize in memory of a hospital stalwart.

The special award will this year be presented to the recipient in memory of Richard Clarke, a former Non-Executive Director at RJAH.

Mr Clarke passed away at the age of 60 in October 2016 after a long battle with illness.

His widow Rosemary Clarke said: “Richard believed in not just people at the forefront but those behind the scenes that keep the hospital running well.

“When he was a non-executive director, I used to sit and wait in the cafĂ©, where I would chat to patients.

“What always struck me about RJAH was the caring feel of the place, you felt it as soon as you’d walk through the door.

“Richard had suffered a stroke previously, and he didn’t receive very good care where he was treated, that’s why patient experience was so important to him, he didn’t want patients to have a bad experience here in Oswestry.

“He was interested at the ground level, he was interested in the patients and in the things that mattered to them, for example the food because that’s inherent to patient recovery.

“He was an old-fashioned gentleman, who liked to talk and listen to people, I think that’s what he loved about RJAH and his role here because he was able to do that.”

Mrs Clarke and her daughter Elspeth will watch the award be presented to the winner, as they will be attending the awards night next week.

John Grinnell, former Deputy Chief Executive at RJAH, said:  “I worked very closely with Richard during my time at RJAH; he became a good friend as well as a colleague.

“He was particularly passionate about recognising those who played a part behind the scenes, which is why it’s fitting that the Unsung Hero Award is being presented in Richard’s memory."

Craig Macbeth, Director of Finance, said: “Richard always put staff and patients first, and he appreciated what everyone did at the hospital at every level.

“It’s just over a year since Richard passed away and RJAH thought it was appropriate to present this award in his memory as he was a well-respected member of our Board of Directors.”

The Unsung Hero is aimed at someone who does not always get the recognition and thanks for the work that they do so well. This may be someone that has been involved with patient care and shows empathy and understanding or someone who works in a non-patient facing role who shows tireless support for the needs of the service.

The winner of the award will be announced at RJAH’s Celebration of Achievement Awards, which is taking place on Thursday 23 November at the Lion Quays Hotel.

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