The Marches School Oswestry 10k

The RJAH Charity has purchased a number of charity places in the inaugural The Marches School Oswestry 10k road race. 

In return for a place, our runners are asked to raise at least £50 for the Veterans' Orthopaedic Centre Appeal.

The 2020 marathon will take place on Sunday 1 March 2020.

Do you want a place?
If you are able to commit to that amount, have a keen interest in running and can commit to the training, please fill out an application form.
All runners will be provided with a welcome letter, free Veterans' Orthopaedic Centre Appeal running t-shirt/vest and will be able to borrow collection tins for any events they may have.
Runners will also receive ongoing help, support and advice from Helen Knight, Fundraising Manager.