Resources for Patients

On this page you can find information on resources for patients. The page is split up into the following sections:


Our patient information

Our patient information leaflets should be your starting point for information. Click the highlighted link to find them on our webpages. These pages also include links to other authoritative leaflets such as those by Arthritis Care such as this one on osteoarthritis which is a highly recommended source: 


Further sources of information

Your local public library is free to join and is  a further source of health information. Shropshire Libraries have several specialist health collections sited at major branches and these are available on request from smaller branches.

Support and self help groups are also available by looking on the Shropshire Community Directory.

Find out more about what is available from Shropshire Libraries.


Finding information online

If you wish to do some research online it is important that you look at trustworthy quality resources.  To find out more about how to establish the authority and quality of health websites, read the leaflet "Finding Good Quality Health Information on the Internet" 


Recommended websites

The NHS website has been put together by experts working for the NHS. It uses the best available information from hundreds of research studies and, because it's compiled by NHS doctors, it recommends the best course of treatment not the most profitable one.

The above NHS website also has a section called Behind the Headlines which analyses health stories in the news to see how much truth there is behind them. It looks at who carried out the studies, whether they were done well, what the results were and whether the results have been exaggerated by the newspaper or TV channel which reported them.

Patient is put together by a not-for-profit company.  It does a similar job to NHS Choices and allows you to search for illnesses and check symptoms.

Health Talk Online is put together by a charity called DIPex and Oxford University.  It contains patients' stories- mostly videos of what it feels like to have particular disease or condition.  You can search for your own illness or browse through an alphabetical list.

Lab Tests Online UK will help you understand the many clinical laboratory tests that are used by healthcare professionals today. Search under Conditions and diseases to find information for a particular diagnosis or for the management of a condition  or alternatively, if you know the test name, just search under Tests.

Access the above mentioned websites by clicking on the links highlighted in blue.