On this page you will find information about ATHENS.

What is ATHENS?

Used by the NHS and many academic institutions, ATHENS is the secure login that gives you access to online, password-protected resources.

Who can have an NHS RJAH ATHENS account?

Any employee of the Trust can register for an NHS RJAH ATHENS account, also if you are a student you can have an RJAH ATHENS account for the duration of your time at the Trust (see Further information for students below).
Specialist Registrars and other doctors –in-training are entitled to an RJAH ATHENS account whilst based at the Trust.  See Further information for doctors – in – training below.
Click here to see the full eligibility list can be found on the NICE Evidence Services website.

What resources are available to me with an NHS RJAH ATHENS account?

  • Nationally purchased journals and healthcare databases
  • Locally purchased electronic resources, including journal subscriptions and ebooks

How do I register for an NHS RJAH ATHENS account?

View our How to Register for ATHENS e-learning module or
Click here to register after reading the points below:

  • You must have a current, accessible email address
  • If you are not registering from a computer within the NHS network (N3), you must provide a work, professional or academic email address.  Use an NHS email address if you have one.
  • Registering is two-stage process which requires you to authenticate the registration within a set time limit – see our quick help guide.

How do I use my ATHENS password to access resources?

If you are searching for journals or want to use the healthcare databases, you will need to go to the NICE Evidence website then login with ATHENS before you can access resources. See our help guide.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. I’ve forgotten my ATHENS password. Can I reset it?
A. Yes, visit and enter your ATHENS username and the email address you used when you registered for ATHENS.  Please note the following password rules:

  • Your password now has to be a minimum of eight characters and contain both letters and numbers.
  • Your password must be different from your account username
  • Your password should not contain sequences of letters or numbers such as 321 or ABC.
  • Common words will also be disallowed.

If you have forgotten your password and do not remember which email address is linked to your ATHENS account, contact the library for us to reset your password.

Q. I’ve forgotten both my ATHENS username and password.
A. You will need to contact the library.

Q. I know my RJAH ATHENS username and password but it won’t work?
A. Your ATHENS account might have been deleted or have expired. Please contact the library.

Q. I have an NHS ATHENS account from another institution. How do I change it to RJAH?
A. It is important that you change the institution your ATHENS account is associated with; so that you can access the resources we purchase to support orthopaedics. View our ATHENS e-learning module or see the step by step guide for changing ATHENS institution. Eventually, as part of normal ATHENS account housekeeping, your former  institution will delete your ATHENS account if it is still linked to them. If this happens you will need to register for ATHENS again.

Q. Who is the Trust’s ATHENS administrator?
A.  Kenna Blackburn, Outreach Librarian. Contact Kenna on ext. 4388 or by e-mail:

Further Information for Students

Sometimes students on health and medical related courses can be entitled to up to three ATHENS account at any one time, as follows:

  • The ATHENS account issued by your academic institution, which gives you access to the resources they have purchased for you
  • An NHS ATHENS account administered by your academic institution which gives you access to nationally purchased NHS resources
  • When on placement only: an ATHENS account giving you access to the resources purchased locally by the institution at which you are on placement.

Please contact the library if you are a student on placement at the Trust and would like an RJAH ATHENS password for the duration of your time with us. This will benefit you in being able to access locally purchased musculoskeletal and orthopaedic resources to support your time on placement.

Further information for doctors-in-training 

  • If you are a doctor in training, you are entitled to an RJAH ATHENS password for the periods at which you are based at the Trust.
  • If you are on rotation, for example the Oswestry/Stoke rotation, your RJAH ATHENS account will be set to expire after six months because you will need to change the institution you are then based at (see FAQs above for further information).

Please note that it is not possible for you to retain an RJAH ATHENS account for entire duration of your time on the Oswestry and Stoke Training Programme. You are only entitled to an RJAH ATHENS account when you are based here at the Trust, due to licensing restrictions on electronic resources.