Request a book

Book requests

If the book that you require is not held by the RJAH Library & Knowledge Service but one of the other Shropshire Health Libraries you can either reserve it yourself using the reservation facility on the Shropshire Health Libraries catalogue, or ask a member of library staff to place a request for you. The book can then be delivered to the library of your choice – RJAH Library, Shrewsbury Health Library or Telford Health Library.

You may also request a book that is not held within Shropshire Health Libraries and we will try to obtain it as an interlibrary loan from another library. You may place your request in any of the following ways:

Are there any limitations or exceptions when requesting a book?

Students on placement at RJAH may request books available through Shropshire Health Libraries but are not eligible to request interlibrary loans.

Renewal of books which have been obtained for you on interlibrary loan from another library can be subject to other considerations such as overdue charges or renewal charges, particularly if the item has been obtained from an external source e.g. the British Library. It is quite possible that you might not be able to renew such items. In these circumstances we ask that you contact a member of library staff. 


Purchase suggestions

If you would like to make a suggestion you may do so in any of the following ways:

Quality Standard

  • We are a quality assessed library with high standards of service designed to meet your needs. In order to achieve this, we will:
  • update you on all requests taking longer than one week 
  • process book requests within one working day