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Document supply service

The library provides a service for providing RJAH staff with the full text of journal articles and book chapters that are not available electronically (freely or via NHS ATHENS) or from library stock. 
There is currently no charge for items supplied for work purposes through this service, regardless of their source.  However, if numerous requests are made to external sources that charge for this service, in some circumstances a contribution might be sought from the user. 
The document supply service is run within the terms of the NHS Copyright Licence and the Copyright Act 1988.


Using the document supply service

  • If you wish to obtain full text of an article you can complete an online article request form . 
  •  Alternatively, journal article request forms are available in the library, or you can print a copy here. Completed forms can be submitted to the library by post or in person.

Whichever form you are using, complete as much information as possible. The minimum information we require is:

  • Journal name/book title
  • Year, Vol, Issue and page nos.
  • Authors (first two authors will be sufficient if there are many)
  • Title of article/book chapter etc.

Please note that if your writing is illegible or your reference is incorrect then we will return the request form to you unprocessed. 

We cannot supply journal articles to you unless you have acknowledged the copyright declaration on the form.
All journal article requests we receive are processed as soon as possible, but if there is a particular urgency or date the article is required by please bring this to our attention.

Sources of document supply

The Library & Knowledge Service has a reciprocal agreement for the supply of free journal article requests from other institutions, including health libraries in the West Midlands and also some of the other libraries that make up the Orthopaedic Alliance.
In circumstances where an article[s] is unavailable from our reciprocal libraries, we purchase articles from both the BMA and the British Library. The library incurs a fee for using both of these services, and on occasion we will seek reassurance from you that the article is definitely required. 

Document supply delivery

We will deliver the journal article to you as soon as possible. We have no control in what format we receive the article—it could be electronic or in hard copy, depending on the source and copyright regulations.
It is sometimes possible to deliver the article to you as a PDF by email, if this is your preference. However, often we receive the articles in hard copy format and in these cases the library can send the document to you in the internal post to your ward / department. Alternatively you can come to the library to collect the article.

Quality standards

The library aims to satisfy the following standards of service:

  • Process 95% of requests from stock within two working days
  • Process 95% of requests for items from other libraries within two working days
  • Provide the requester with an update on 90% of occasions where their requested item has not been supplied within 10 working days