Chronic Pain Service

The Chronic Pain Management Service aims to reduce suffering and enhance quality of life, in addition to providing a reduction in the pain problem.
Chronic pain is a combination of a number of factors; not just a physical sensation or an emotional psychological disturbance. It can be physically and psychologically damaging, resulting in loss of function, long-term disability, unemployment and the loss of a preferred lifestyle. It is a complex condition and is difficult to measure or demonstrate externally.

Role of the Chronic Pain Management Service:

  • to educate the patient, this empowers them to take responsibility for their pain
  • to return patients to employment or improve the quality of their lives
  • to increase their activity levels, hopefully decreasing their subjective pain experience

The Chronic Pain Management Service Team

The team comprises two consultants, a specialist pain nurse and adminstrative support.

  • Dr L Gaspar - Consultant Anaesthetist and Pain Management Physician
  • Dr P Hajek  - Consultant Anaesthetist
  • Sister Jan Gilchrist - Specialist Pain Nurse
  • Deborah Palmer - Chronic Pain Service Secretary

Referrals and Outpatient Clinics

You will need to be referred by your GP. Once you have been referred you will receive an appointment to our outpatient clinic and be given a pain assessment questionnaire. Please complete the pain assessment questionnaire and bring it with you to your appointment.

Regular clinics are held on Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning and Thursday morning at the Pain Management Service Department.

At your first appointment you will have a full assessment with a consultant from the Pain Management Team.  The first appointment will normally last 30-40 minutes and we will look at:

  • the origin and development of your pain problem
  • any treatments you have had carried out
  • any investigations so far
  • the level of your pain
  • the effect of your pain on your daily activities e.g. your sleep, work and emotional well being

Please help us by:

  • bringing your completed pain assessment questionnaire
  • informing the consultant about any medical conditions you have as this may have an effect on your pain
  • bringing a list of all your medications along with any scans and letters from other hospitals relevant to your pain



A range of other possible treatments are available and you may be offered one or more of these depending on your condition. Options could include:

  • Caudal epidural
  • Facet joint injections
  • Pulse radiofrequency treatment
  • Transforaminal epidural
  • Trigger point injections

These treatments would be carried out in the Menzies Unit (Day Surgery).  Please see the link on the left for more information about the Menzies Unit.

Useful websites

Contact the Chronic Pain Service:

01691 404298 (general enquiries)

Contact the Chronic Pain Specialist Nurse:

01691 404215 (answer phone available out of hours)

Please note this is only for urgent calls or queries for current patients receiving treatment.