Chaplaincy and Spiritual Care

Who we are

There are three chaplains who work part-time at the hospital and are based at churches in the local area.



  • Revd Adrian Bailey - Anglican (Church of England/Wales) 

Revd Adrian Bailey, Anglican Chaplain


  • Revd Gareth Huws - Welsh speaking Free Church




There are also volunteer chaplains who play a full part in the chaplaincy team:



  • Revd Anne Stratford - Anglican volunteer (Church of England/Wales)
Revd Ann Stratford



  • Mr Bill Bowen - Anglican volunteer
Bill Bowen



  •  Miss Hilary Prescott - Anglican volunteer



What we do

  • We affirm the dignity and worth of each individual
  • We do not push religion but meet people where they are
  • We help people to gain insights into their own situations
  • We support people in their ability to cope
  • We help and support people who follow a religion  

Making Contact

  • by phone on 01691 404249;
  • by completing a slip of paper found in the chapel and posting through the chapel office door next to the chapel;
  • by email to:

Chapel and services

The chapel, dedicated to St Luke, is situated at the west end of the hospital opposite the Hairdressers. It is open 24 hours a day for prayer or a place to be quiet. Everyone is welcome to use it. There is a book in which you can write your prayer requests. These will be prayed for during our Sunday morning service.The Sunday service is Christian worship and takes place from 10.00 a.m. until 10.30am. The denomination of minister taking the service varies, but all are welcome to attend. We have volunteers who help people to chapel on Sundays should you need assistance. On Tuesdays at 8.15am a short service of morning prayer is held. On special occasions (such as Christmas, Good Friday and St Lukes day, the patron saint of hospitals, doctors and healing) other services are held.

Provision for people of faiths other than Christianity

If you have cultural needs, or follow a religion other than Christianity, please speak with a member of nursing staff or a chaplain. The holy books for most major religions are available in the hospital chapel. There is a Qiblah, and a dividing curtain allows privacy for users.

Welsh speaking patients

Many of our patients have Welsh as their first language. Naturally, when you are ill you will want to converse in the language with which you are most familiar. We are fortunate to have the services of a Welsh speaking minister who can call on you if you wish. We have prayer cards in Welsh specially designed for hospital patients. There is also a Bible in Welsh in the chapel.

Help for the bereaved

Most hospital chaplains will have had training in dealing with the bereaved and will have considerable experience in the area. One of the nursing staff will be able to send for one of us if this would be helpful.